Operator Log ICD Jammer Analyst

• audio buffering allows one-touch recording of suspicious intercepts

• automatic date-time and frequency stamping of recorded intercepts

• looped / variable playback speed for difficult to understand intercepts

• configurable hotkeys to control all functionality

• new audio files can be easily constructed for jamming

• a range of reports provides a real-time tactical picture of the operating environment

Sentinel is a Communications Monitoring and Security software suite tailored for efficient information gathering and analysis.

The Sentinel suite consists of three applications:

Operator Log: the Sentinel Operator Log controls recevier devices, records demodulated audio and allows users to log transcipts of received audio and perform queries on the logged information.

Imitative Communications Deception (ICD) Jammer: the ICD Jammer allows operators to intelligently sequence previously recorded audio samples to construct new audio which can be retransmitted for jamming purposes.

Analyst: the Sentinel Analyst allows users to see a tactical picture of the operational environment in real-time during operations, or remotely for support and analysis.

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